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About GoGreen

A world pulsing with green opportunities

GoGreen is a sustainable portal, guiding the way towards green businesses, experiences and knowledge about the environment. Copenhagen are the first towns on the GoGreen world map. Our aspiration is to make GoGreen "go Denmark" - or better go global so you will always be able to follow the green path and keep up to date on all the exciting sustainable initiatives developing across the world, regardless of where you find yourself.

We would like to inspire people around the world to shop more consciously because we, as both consumers and users, are able to make a difference and change the world around us.

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When you visit a GoGreenCopenhagen, you can locate the green places by accessing this portal, but we also have a good old-fashioned map to help you find the green way.
We are working to promote sustainability with a smile. A few examples are: 

- Lecture: Local initiatives, trends and sustainability in practice

 - GoGreenAdventure: How do employees greens - how to inspire them to walk the green talk?

 - Communication and Strategy: How to communicate sustainable profile,  so it is to understand - and motivates to    action ? 

- Guided Tours: Discover the green Copenhagen at close range. How does it look? How does it taste? Who is green? Meet, feel and experience the passion fx  here

Contact info:

Line Bram Pedersen: +45 30 34 20 96

Pia Rathsach + 45 40 52 81 81