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About GoGreen

A world pulsing with green opportunities

GoGreen is Denmark's new sustainable portal, guiding the way towards green businesses, experiences and knowledge about the environment. Aarhus and Copenhagen are the first towns on the GoGreen world map. Our aspiration is to make GoGreen go global so you will always be able to follow the green path and keep up to date on all the exciting sustainable initiatives developing across the world, regardless of where you find yourself.



We would like to inspire people around the world to shop more consciously because we, as both consumers and users, are able to make a difference and change the world around us.
When you visit a GoGreen city, you can locate the green places by accessing the city on the GoGreen Portal. Many cities also have a good old-fashioned map, usually made of stone paper. This material is both waterproof and tear resistant and can put up with most things that life throws at it! In some cities you can download a mobile application which gives you instant access to the local green guide.
Every country has its own rules and certifications and it is important for us to cast the spotlight on certain role models in each town, as they can act as an inspiration and a motivation for others to follow suit whilst simultaneously ensuring that the green path winds ever wider and stronger. Read more about the individual city's criteria on the portal under "Certification".
GoGreen was founded by three passionate entrepreneurs, Maja Rotbøll, Martin Thim and Rasmus Hørsted Jensen, in the blessèd year of 2009. It was this ideological thought, along with a definite desire to give something back to the city of Aarhus, that was the driving force behind the launch of GoGreenAarhus, the first GoGreen city.
GoGreenGlobe currently consists of an office on Mejlgade in Aarhus, run by Martin Thim and Rasmus Hørsted Jensen backed by the WorldPerfect team and an office on Kompanistræde in Copenhagen run by Pia Rathsach.
If you would like to know more about how you can bring GoGreen to your own city, then contact:


Martin Thim



Rasmus Hørsted Jensen


Pia Rathsach