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Don't throw it out - waste is gold

TerraCycles Flip Flop baghave i Trenton, New Jersey

TerraCycle is a new recycling concpet, which collects and recycles the tons of waste we throw away each and every day.


Social innovation for students

hoppe billede

DANSIC is a new student organization for social innovation. On the 8th of March, they will discuss sustainable urban development at the conference DANSIC12.


Don't throw it out - waste is gold

Terra baghave

TerraCycle is a new recycling concpet, which collects and recycles the tons of waste we throw away each and every day.


A visit at Mellemrummet

mellemrummet sofa

What does it mean to be a non-profit café, and what drives the volunteers? Explore these questions with us.


New bikestrategy in Copenhagen

cykel strategi

The new strategy aims to create more shortcuts for cyclists such as cycling paths and walkways over water, roads and railways.


Sustainability in Amager

sundholm områdeløft høns

Until now, 1 million citybies have found a home in the neighbourhood Sundholm - it's only one project among many! 


The new website is online!

Grønt univers 

We are very excited to present our new website - and a new chapter in the GoGreen-history - to you. 


More organic products in public institutions = 30 billion litres of clean groundwater

Øko i det offentlige 

75 percent ecology in public cafeterias protects 30 billion litres of groundwater from pecticides every year.


Sustainability is common sense


Moderation has led to savings of 800.000 kr. 


Michael Braungart in Danmark


One of Cradle to Cradle's fathers, Michael Braungart, visited Denmark.


Why should I choose ecology?

Hvorfor Øko

Read Økologisk Landsforening's reasons why you should choose organic products. 


Race the glowing hare


Try Denmark's first interactive exercise path in Søndermarken


Exploring the Royal Danish Horticultural Society's Garden

Kgl køkkenhave

Visit one of Copenhagen's most peaceful oases - the Royal Danish Horticultural Society's Garden.


Give a climate hug


Even little changes in your everyday life can have a lot of impact on the environment.


Urban farming


All over Copenhagen communal gardens emerge and blossom - read more about urban farming here.


8-tallet - The best building in the world


Interview with a family from Ørestad


Four meat balls and two potatoes - or the other way around?


The composition of our food has a significant impact on the environment. Especially meat - a central element in Danish cooking - can have a negative effect. 


Cradle to Cradle


What if we lived in a world where we contributed to nature's growth while being economically sensible? It is not unrealistic and it does not require any form of revolution - it just comes down to the way we design things. Article by Nicholas Blok from


Discover green roofs

Grønne tage

The Municipality of Copenhagen wants more green roofs in the city. The objective is 150.000 square metres before 2015 - discover the first roofs here.